Jaguar 420G

Next car on the dream list was a Jaguar 420 G from 1968.
Even though it's a pretty unique car, it has had it's ten minutes of fame - a short collage from different films here:
I knew a bit of the history of this car. When I worked for Egmont between 1994-2000 the car was parked in the underground car park of Gutenberghus in the center of Copenhagen. Even though I wanted to buy the car already at that time, it wasn't for sale.

420G was produced from 1966-1970 and only 1125 of the production were left hand drive. the 420G was an upgraded version of the MK X with minor cosmetic difference - vertical divider on front grille, interior clock moved to vener of dash from center binnacle. In 1968 the 420G cost DKK. 102.305,-

It's an enormous car - 5,03 meters long and 1,93 meters wide. But then again, an Audi A8 is 13 cm longer, 1 cm wider and weighs in at 275 kg more!!!

First owner was the Brazilian Ambassador in Denmark, Manuel Antonio Maria Brandão de Piment, who then sold the car to the owner of publishing company called Litas.
The car was used as company and family car for the next 16 years - no expense was spared when maintaining the car. I worked together with the son of the owner for a periode during my employment for Egmont. Turned out that the 420G was acquires as part of the company when Egmont bought Litas in 1986.

In the start of the 00's the car was sold to a lawyer from Aalborg, Henrik Calum and after this to another lawyer Mads Thyregod.

I bought the car in the autumn of 2012 and used it for a few short trips, but found it too biiiig and lazy for my liking:

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